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Music Production Courses Ludhiana

Our Music Production Courses in Ludhiana makes you understand your equipment, the advanced capabilities of your software and teach you the art of combining your creativity with what you want to create. Sounds Of Heaven music Institute offers you the ideal Music Production Course In Ludhiana covering all the aspects of music production.

Course Content

Understanding Daw (Workflow in Daw)

  • What is a Digital Audio Workstation
  • Signal Flow | Equipment You Need
  • Setting Up Your System
  • Setting Audio Preferences
  • Setting MIDI Preferences
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Introduction to Session View
  • Understanding Ableton’s Interface
  • Live’s Browser
  • Loading, Playing, Stopping, Copying and Moving Clips
  • MIDI and Audio Clip Properties
  • Working with Scenes
  • Setting Tempo and Meter Changes to Scenes
  • Understating File Structure and Saving Live Set
  • Managing Files
  • Exporting Clips and Devices
  • Preparation to Record MIDI
  • Recording and Overdubbing MIDI
  • Using Computer to Enter MIDI
  • Using the Step Sequencer to Enter MIDI
  • Using the Pencil Tool to Enter MIDI
  • Understanding MIDI Editor
  • Quantizing | Quantizing with Grooves | Live Quantizing
  • Editing MIDI Velocities
  • Using Multi-Output Devices
  • Recording Audio
  • Different Monitoring Modes
  • Understanding Arrangement View
  • Grids in Arrangement View | Permanent Scrub Areas
  • Recording in Arrangement View
  • Recording from Session View to Arrangement View
  • Back to Arrange View Button
  • Using Locaters
  • Editing Regions in Arrangement View
  • Re-Working Clips
  • Live’s Mixer
  • Exclusive Arm and Solo
  • Using Sends and Returns
  • Creating Manual Feedback for Returns
  • 2 Ways of Building Headphone Cues
  • Grouping Tracks
  • Using Effect Devices
  • The Hot Swap Switch
  • EQ and Filters
  • Compressors and Dynamic Processing
  • Different Types of Delay Effect Processing
  • Using Reverb Effectively
  • Side-Chain Gating and Side-Chain Compression
  • Using MIDI Effects
  • Arpeggiator | Chord | Scale
  • Keyboard Mapping | MIDI Controller Mapping | Instant Mapping
  • Automation Envelopes
  • Recording Real-Time Automation
  • Drawing Automation Manually
  • Unlinking Clip Length and Automation Length
  • Editing Automation
  • Using Fades and Cross-Fades
  • Warping Audio
  • Basics of Warping
  • Understanding all Different Warping Modes in Detail
  • Transient Markers and Warp Markers
  • Using Warp to Quantize Audio
  • Creating an Instrument Using Warp Markers
  • Exporting/Bouncing Audio from Arrangement and Session View
  • Isolating Chords from a Loop to Playback as an Authentic Chord
  • Live Racks
  • FX Racks
  • Nested Racks
  • Effects in Series and Parallel
  • Using FX Chains
  • Instrument Racks
  • Drum Racks
  • Choking Samples

Arrangements and Harmony

  • Arrangement Structures
  • Instrumentation and important instruments in a genre
  • Sample Selection based on your genre
  • Layering Samples and Synth sounds
  • FX placement
  • Automation – Filters, Pitch, Time etc…
  • Building your own FX
  • Basic Music Theory Rules and secrets to help you make melodies easily
  • Extensions
  • Bass & Melody

Mixing / Masterning / Recording

  • Compressors and EQs
  • Parallel Compression
  • Side Chain Compression
  • Side Chain Gating
  • Setting up a Recording Session
  • Workflow for Recording
  • Compression and EQ on Recording (Input) Stage
  • Using Reverb and Delay
  • Setting up Separate/Multiple Headphone Cues
  • Intro to Analog Mixing Board
  • Microphones
  • Working of Microphones
  • Checking Phase of the Mics
  • Concept of DT
  • DT in Guitars
  • EQ and Compression on Guitars
  • Making and Recording a Drum Kit
  • Recording and Editing
  • Tips and Tricks to get Large Vocal Sound
  • Concept of Multiple Takes and Add-libs in Vocals
  • Understanding Types of Effects (Modulation Effects, Filter, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Amps and Pedals Metering.
  • Special Effects on Vocals
  • Live Sound Recording

Music Genres we Coverd

  • Bollywood
  • Hip hop
  • Trap
  • Dubstep
  • House
  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)


  • Mixing a Track
  • Master a Full Track