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Description of Programme

Interested in singing in a band, or singing in a choir ? Or need to prepare to sing at an upcoming event? Take your singing to the next level, or simply learn to sing for the first time. SOHMI vocals lessons helps you achieve your singing goals while learning proven techniques for improving your voice. We deliver high caliber, voice lessons with experienced voice instructors who love music and love to teach.
Traditional voice lessons focus on building the skills needed to read and sing music. Students will learn about healthy vocal technique, including breathing, resonance, head and chest voice, and will learn songs appropriate to their musical level and vocal range from collections of Classical, world music, and Broadway songs. If the student does not already read music, we work on musicianship/theory.Combining technical and creative development with continuous live performing experience, our vocal education is in the world of contemporary vocal training. Programs are designed to build your technique and stylistic identity as well as confidence in your abilities and to train you eventually for also external examinations. Unique creative performing environment challenges you to expand the limits of your vocal instrument while creating and exploring your own stylistic identity.